Leroy Clark has written over 25 plays and had 21 productions in professional, community, and university theatres.


Shootout at Keystone Canyon

(Alaskan History)

The Lady and the Gypsy

Romantic Drama

Shakespeare's Journey

Romantic Drama


a rock singer and a small town mechanic

Love, Mike

Romantic Comedy



Holographic Tiger Eats Man Trespassing in Trailer Park


What’s the Truth about Joshua?

Iowa Johnny

Speak Soft Words

Classic Thriller

Bunny’s Famdamily


Of the Best Family


Naked Men


July Sun


Clark received two Hamlet Playwriting Awards for The Jungle Set and A Memory in Black and White. Other awards include a Shubert Playwriting Fellowship and a Citation from the Alaska State Legislature for directing and playwriting.

Member of the Dramatists Guild

Clark is the author of two playwriting books:

Praise for Writing for the Stage: A Practical Playwriting Guide
"I haven't seen a more thorough text than Writing for the Stage. The exercises it suggests for stu dent writers are ingenious and.. .of great benefit to anyone trying to develop the skills required to develop character, maintain audience interest and involvement, reveal exposition subtly, create a plausible and aesthetically satisfying plot structure, and so on...."
—David Wagoner, University of Washington
"This book is distinguished and.. .is a superior and useful text because it is honest, very thor ough, step-by-step, and comprehensive. It is wise about the way theatre works today...."
—Richard Kalinoski, University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh

Practical Playwriting: A Guide to Writing for the Stage
Longman Pub. Group ISBN: 0205530893
Available Since: Nov 16, 2006