IOWA JOHNNY is a one-act comedy set in Elderberry Park in Anchorage, Alaska. Johnny is about to be discharged from the Army and goes out for a night on the town with his Sergeant and his brother Jimmy. After hitting a number of bars, they wind up in the Park. Sergeant Gutman tries to get a girl’s phone number from Johnny, but Johnny won’t give in. Gutman then tries to get it from Jimmy. When he refuses to give in, Gutman attacks him. Brother Johnny comes to his rescue and together they tie up Gutman, gag him, and scare him with an Ionian Indian ritual. With Gutman silenced as they collect sticks of wood to set him on fire, Jimmy reveals to Johnny that his parents have sold the farm that Johnny has dreamed of going back to and his girlfriend has gotten married. Johnny has enough information about Gutman’s stealing from the Army to blackmail him and demands that Gutman change his unjust treatment. Once Gutman agrees, they untie him and go off to another bar.