WHAT’S THE TRUTH ABOUT JOSHUA? is set in Riverside Park in Manhattan and explores a paraplegic’s attempt to escape from his abusive mother.


JOSH A young man in his early twenties who is a paraplegic due to a recent fall down a flight of stairs. He is in a wheelchair. He is afraid of his
mother and wants to move out on his own.

TRISHA His former girlfriend, a legal aide and a would-be actress. She has trouble
committing herself and avoids confrontation when at all possible.

RENEE His mother, a middle-aged woman with platinum hair, trying to hold on to
her youth. She is hard, brassy, and lies with ease.


Riverside Park, just a few blocks from 110th Street and Broadway. There are two park benches. At the end of one of them is a garbage can.


A summer afternoon. The present.