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Dr. Clark has spent many years as a university theatre professor.

Practical Playwriting: A Guide to Writing for the Stage
Subgenre: Theater / Playwriting - Subgenre: Composition & Creative Writing - Format: Paperback - Author: Leroy Clark

Longman Pub. Group (05/01/2007)
ISBN: 0205530893
Available Since: Nov 16, 2006


In my teaching I stress that to have knowledge is to have power, and if we make a life-long commitment to learning, we continue to be renewed and empowered in our lives and work. I feel that my purpose is to stimulate creativity, make learning fun, provide an atmosphere in which students feel free to challenge and risk, and provide the guidance to help them succeed. I am passionate about teaching, directing, learning, and writing.

My philosophy is to be open and honest with students and other faculty. I am a down-to-earth person, direct, and straight-forward. I try to deal with everyone fairly. I believe in the democratic process. I believe that students’ voices need to be heard and that open communication is vital. I do not feel that I have all the answers nor that the answers must always be mine. I work with students and colleagues to find the answers. I am willing to make hard decisions when necessary, but I generally work for consensus. As a director I seek to collaborate and involve the designers and the actors in the creative process so that we pool our ideas and select the best.

I believe a teacher needs to be a leader for planning with the faculty of the academic unit. There needs to be strategic planning in which the faculty explore ideas about where they want to go, what they want to do, what is best for the program, what are the problems and limitations, what works and what doesn’t. A teacher should also serve as a guide for student development and provide fair evaluations of students' work. As a teacher, I strive to maintain high academic and artistic standards while providing a supportive environment for students.

I think a good teacher is organized, meets deadlines, ensures that the students produce good work, keeps the students and relatively happy, and focuses on the uniqueness and the strengths of each student. I feel that I have been successful in meeting these challenges. The theatre teaches us, because of the nature of the art form, to be open to others no matter what race, religion or gender, to work with and respect others, to collaborate, to solve problems, to find new visions, to be disciplined, and to celebrate life. As a teacher, director, and playwright, I seek to do all of these.


Writing for the Stage: A Practical Playwriting Guide
Subgenre: Theater / Playwriting, General - Format: Paperback - Author: Leroy Clark

Allyn & Bacon (10/15/2005)
ISBN: 0205412971
Available Since: Feb 13, 2006


Post Doctoral study, Columbia University, NY, NY
Post doctoral study, Herbert Lehman College, Bronx, NY
Post doctoral study, University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, IL
Post doctoral study, University of Iowa, Iowa City, IO
Ph.D., Kent State University, Kent, OH
Dissertation: “Directing Principles and Practices of Elia Kazan.”
M.F.A., University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK
B.A., University of Maine, Orono, ME


Fall 07, 08, 09 Butler Community College, Adjunct Speech
Fall 08, 09 Newman University, Adjunct Theatre
2000-2006 Florida International University, Department of Theatre and Dance
Chairperson and Professor of Theatre (Tenured)
1990-2000 Wichita State University, School of Performing Arts, Chairperson and
Professor of Theatre (Tenured)
1991-1998 Wichita Summer Theatre, Producer
1984-1990 University of Alaska Anchorage, Department of Theatre and Dance,
Chairperson and Professor of Theatre (Tenured)
1988 & 1989 Bright Nights Summer Rep, Producer
1990-Winter Hendrix College, Conway, AR, Guest Director
1987-Fall University of Maine, Orono, Guest Director/Playwright-in-Residence
University of Alaska Anchorage, Associate Professor
1971-1980 Berry College, Rome, GA, Assistant Professor and Director of Drama


Butler Community College
Public Speaking

Newman University
Introduction to Theatre

Florida International University
Playwriting I, II, III
Graduate Playwriting Workshop I, II, III
Directing I
Theatre History I & II
Senior Projects
Senior Seminar
Senior Thesis
Advanced Rehearsal and Performance

Wichita State University
Playwriting I & II and Summer Workshop, Directed Study Projects,
Graduate Playwriting Projects, Graduate Thesis Committees
Theatre History I & II
Directing I & II
Directed Projects: Supervision of student direction of full-length plays
and Supervision of graduate projects
Advanced Acting
Performance Practicums
Theatre Management Practicums
Dramatic Literature
History of Dramatic Criticism

University of Alaska Anchorage
Theatre History I & II
Representative Plays I & II
Contemporary Theatre
Directing I & II
Dramatic Theory and Criticism
Acting I, II, III
Theatre Management
Introduction to Theatre
Masters Thesis Committees

Hendrix College
Acting I

University of Maine
Directing I
Acting I
Dramatic Literature

Berry College
European Theatre History I & II
American Theatre History
Directing I & II
Representative Plays I & II
Acting I & II
Theatre Management
Introduction to Theatre